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JAG Custom Linings

"Where our success is measured by your Satisfaction"
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JAG Custom Linings

"Where our success is measured by your satisfaction"




JAG Custom Linings is a full service coatings dealer:



 Vortex™                                                                           Polyphatic  


If you are in the market for a premium sprayed-on truck bed liner or a permanent indestructible floor coating, then you have found the right company.  At JAG Custom Linings we pride ourselves on unparalleled quality and service. Our Vortex™ and our Polyphatic products are made of superior materials and our installation staff has the very best workmanship in the industry. Guaranteed. When you purchase from JAG Custom Linings you can be confident you are getting the very best product, quality craftsmanship, and greatest value available.  


Here are just a few advantages of a Vortex™ liner over other spray-on products.

Material: There are two basic materials that are commonly used for spray-on bed liners. Polyurethanes (Rhino liners™) are known for their superior durability and chemical resistance factors. Polyurea (Line-X™) is known for its high build and impact resistance. Vortex™ is a unique blend of Polyurethanes and Polyurea, offering a product that is the very best of both worlds. The Vortex™ material hardens in just a few seconds so there is no wait time before you can begin to use your truck again.

Texture & Traction: Vortex greatly improves traction so your loads won't slide around. We also offer 3 levels of non-skid textures from residential to industrial.

Fading: It's a fact, almost all liners will fade in the sun, but with our 2 levels of UV protection, there simply is NO sun fade, chalking or discolorations with any of our colors - not even on pools or decks.

Lifetime Guarantee: Vortex™ and our Polyphatic Glaze are both guaranteed for life against material and application defects. A warranty placard is attached to the vehicle where Vortex™ is applied and a warranty certificate is issued for each Polyphatic application. Any accessory installation is also guaranteed to be done correctly!

Mobility: Our shop is located in North East Wichita, however when we need to come to your location we can do it. Vortex™ is the only truly mobile product on the market. When we say we will bring the shop to you, it means exactly that. The full JAG Custom Linings Vortex™ service is contained in one mobile unit.

Free pick-up and delivery: That's correct, we will pick up your truck where ever it is and return it with the best bed liner money can buy in about 4-6 hours. We can usually spray in a bed liner while you are at work and have you truck returned by quitting time! And we will do this at no extra charge.



According to the NADA "Official Used Car Appraisal Guide" a Vortex spray on bed liner adds $225 in trade-in value to your truck. (*National Auto Dealers Association - Sept. 5, 2000 edition





Vortex™ can do more than just create a high impact, durable and insulated surface, it can also provide a variety of surfaces combined with our Polyphatic Glazes to give new life to your worn surfaces.
                            Before                                                   After
Polyphatic Glaze:
Polyphatic Glaze comes in either a solid high gloss color for solid
colored floors, graphics, logos or splashes of color to give your
surface a unique highlight or can be applied to give you a Faux
Granite looking finish that looks great and is impact and stain
JAG Custom Linings




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All of our products that we use are made in the USA