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JAG Custom Linings

"Where our success is measured by your Satisfaction"
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Race Car Trailer

 This trailer came to us in some pretty bad shape. The previous attempt at spraying the roof of this trailer just did not work out.



  • First off, the surface was sprayed in black “Owners Choice”, we always recommend a white or light colored liner on any roof.


  • Second, the liner was sprayed very thin in several places, most trailer roofs are made of very thin materials. The purpose of lining the roof of a trailer is to offer added protection from the elements.


  • Third, many of the edges were coming up and loose allowing exposure to wind and rain. Most likely the surface was not prepped fully or properly


  We decided to salvage what we could of the old liner. We cut out and removed everthing loose, prepped the surface for a fresh coat of supper sealer.

Later we came back and sprayed a new Vortex liner and added a Polyphatic U.V. top coat.