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JAG Custom Linings

"Where our success is measured by your Satisfaction"
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Jeep Willy
Old to New
Dodge Custom Flat Bed
Box Truck
1998 International
1940's Dodge Truck

Here are Three (Examples) of old liners from our competition. If your liner looks like this we can fix it.

First: Our Vortex spray liner can be sprayed right over our competitions old and weathered liners. As long as the correct actions are taken in prepping the old liner, we can coat over just about any liner out there.

Second: I must say that not every protective coatings dealer out there will treat their customer’s property as if it was their own. These companies will cut cost any way that they can. Some liners are sprayed thin or the prepping of the surface was not scuffed or cleaned properly.

If the integrity of the old liner is no good, we cannot risk our vortex liner coming up with the bad liner.


This liner had a lot tears in to the metal. It     Do it yourself kit gone wrong. These guys       Old rubber liner, faded with lots of tears

was a chemical cure liner that was very          just gave up and walked away.                         and loose edges.

porous that you could not keep clean and

it would scratch you.