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JAG Custom Linings

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We are issuing a consumer alert!


Recently there have been a couple "spray on bed liner" services in the Wichita area that have been spraying a substandard product and then not standing by their product. Be very suspicious of any bed liner company that...

#1 Does not put their name on their finished product.

#2 Does not offer a lifetime warranty.

#3 Uses products that you do not recognize. (Check the internet first)

#4 Does not have their Federal and State tax ID numbers. (All legal businesses have them)

#5 Do not offer a written receipt.

#6 Cannot tell you what their product is. If it is not Polyurethane (Rhino) and/or Polyurea (Line- X) then it is not a quality formula. Vortex is a Polyurethane and Polyurea blend that offers the best of both worlds.

#7 Does not use proper safety equipment. If proper ventilation and personal protective

equipment is not used it can put the operator and anyone else in the area at serious risk.

Please be aware and tell others too! Thank you.

Misty Gomez